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i can’t believe i’m having this conversation right now. you are 17. 17. 17. you cannot bring a child into this world. at all. do not try to create a child for selfish reasons because you can’t even afford car insurance. bringing a child into the world means being selfLESS and devoting your life to that child. i’m sorry, i’ve worked with children for 8 years. and the people who pop up on fb you are having kids and like don’t realize how foolish they sound. like please. just don’t be that person. please.

Anonymous asked: WHAAAA??? someone offered to pay you money for sexual stuff?!? And then when you turned it down they called you cheap?!? WTFFFFF?! People are literally ducking crazy wow, I'm so sorry someone was that much of a creep to you :/ you seem pretty nice and cool so its shitty that someone would do that to you! Or to anyone anyway I guess. I hope you don't get that by too many creeps :/. I sincerely hope its not ruined your day at all! You're lovely, so I hope you're days just as lovely! :)

Well oh my goodness! Haha thank you! It didn’t ruin my day, but what happened was a little different than that! I reblogged something about if you wouldn’t give a blowjob for a millionaire dollars you’re lying & I thought it was funny so I posted it & added a funny thing that I already do it for free but a millionaire dollars sounds great instead (all of course in good humor!!!) & I got an inbox saying that this guy didnt have a millionaire dollars but some quarters instead. So first I was like this is legit creepy & then I was like hey! I’m so worth more than a few quarters! If I was ever a hooker, I’d be a high class one!!! ;) (of course all again in good humor) I take it lightly though! It’s not a big deal, haha! But thank you for such a sweet inbox! Come off anon so I know who you are! :)

Anonymous asked: I think you're lovely and pretty and I hope you have an ace day! xx

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! You are so sweet & that was totally the best way to start off my day! :) come off anon & tell me who you are!


didn’t realize i was a cheap tramp. if you’re going to offer me money for sexual activities, don’t insult me, buddy ;)





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if you wouldn’t suck a dick for one million dollars you are lYINGg

i do it for free, but i’d love that type of money for one

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